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The end of a wonderful trip

It has been an amazing trip to North America!

We spent the first two weeks of our trip finalising wedding details and plans, with some skiing in between including demoing and purchasing new skis.  In the evenings, I spent time with family I don’t normally see because I live overseas.  The third week was our wedding and we spent time with family and friends who had made the trip to Colorado to celebrate with us.  The last two and a half weeks have been our honeymoon; we skied during the day and spent the nights at dinner and visiting with new friends. 

Our wedding was everything we had hoped it would be.  The location and venue were great and unique and it was wonderful to have all of our friends and family there.  It had been really cold the two weeks prior to the wedding (in fact, it was the coldest February in about 15 years) but the weather warmed up a just prior to the wedding, which meant we didn’t freeze.  It did, however, make it more likely to snow; and snow it did!  We managed to get some beautiful photos prior to the ceremony.  Then, just before the ceremony it started to snow with big, heavy snowflakes.  I still can’t believe I spent the entire ceremony in just my wedding dress!  I was under the chuppah so that protected me from the snow but I wasn’t cold – must have been the adrenaline because I’m pretty sure the rest of the wedding party was freezing. 

I remember looking out at the guests and I couldn’t really tell who anyone was because everyone was bundled up with hoods, scarves and blankets covering them.  All we could really see was a few eyeballs.  Several guests told us it was the most memorable wedding they’ve been too, and given we had a few Australian guests who had never seen it snow before I’m sure this was true.  

It is sad to have the trip over and to be heading back to real life, but it will be nice to be back in our own space and get back to running. 

As always, thanks for joining me!


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