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Happy New Year: 2022

Finally, 2022 has arrived!

I spent the last two months of 2021 powering through a mountain of work and other responsibilities that left little energy for writing at the end of the day, and the final few days in a remote part of South Australia enjoying a much needed break from deadlines and the daily news (since mobile coverage was spotty at best).

To help me get back into a writing habit, I’ve decided to join WordPress’s Bloganuary challenge. Each day during the month-long challenge we will be given a writing prompt to inspire a post. Some of my posts might be short, but hopefully I’ll be able to post something each day and I will get into the habit of posting regularly. Please feel free to follow along, and even suggest your answers in the comments.

Today’s response is definitely short, since I’ve just arrived home from a 10-hour drive.

Bloganuary Day 1: What advice would you give to your teenage self?

Probably not a lot that I would have listened to. Like most teenagers, I thought I already had all the answers. I’m also not sure I would want to impart any advice that would change my life in anyway. While it hasn’t always been smooth sailing, I’ve done some cool things and I like my life, as well as the person I continue to evolve into.

If my teenage self were to take on some sage advice from 40-something me, I possibly wouldn’t have experienced any of the trials, joys or lessons that have made me the person I am today.

Life, after all, is about the journey.

Would you give your teenage self any advice?

4 replies on “Happy New Year: 2022”

Hello fellow participant! I wrote a similar response and based on a just a few other posts, I wonder if us ‘older’ folks understood our younger selves enough to know that any advice offered would have fundamentally changed or altered where we are at now!


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