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A Road Trip I Would Love to Take

America and Australia are excellent road trip countries. America has its interstates and iconic routes like Route 66 that pass through middle-America towns, both beloved and forgotten, and past famous landmarks. Australia has wide-open expanses of country, stunning coastlines and roads that take drivers through small country towns and their bakeries.

Growing up in America and living in Australia, it’s no surprise that I love a good road trip. Every road trip is an adventure and the chance to learn more about the country or discover a new bakery, winery or favourite beach.

What is a road trip you would love to take?

One road trip I have always wanted to take is what I call the ‘Random Road Trip’. Essentially, the directions would be literally left up to a flip of the coin (or maybe a spinner, like those on the old board games).

There would have to be some rules in place for safety’s and sanity’s sake, although I haven’t decided on these yet.

Safety Rules

Some locations in Australia have large stretches of road between petrol stations or a lot of unpaved roads. Being unprepared for these situations could be disastrous. In addition, we would need to travel with camping gear or be fairly confident that we would be able to get accommodation throughout the trip.

There would have to be rules regarding how far to drive each day (or a maximum distance), what to consider a no-go zone, and when to make a decision about accommodation.

For example:

  • No more than 400km in one day (or the next closest town)
  • No unpaved roads unless heading towards a known landmark
  • Don’t drop below 1/4 of a tank of petrol
  • Find/decide on accommodation by 3 pm

Sanity Rules

We would want to avoid going in circles; the aim of the road trip is to go somewhere while leaving the destination up to chance. Also, we wouldn’t want to miss something really interesting because the coin flip took us in the other direction.

There would have to be rules about when to flip the coin/spin the spinner, otherwise, we may never make it out of the local area.

For example:

  • Flip at major intersections at least 5 or 10km (in metropolitan areas)
  • Flip at numbered highway junctions while travelling between towns
  • Flip at all T-Junctions
  • Consensus can be taken to follow a brown tourist sign rather than the coin flip

Would you like to take a road trip like this? What rules would you make?

2 replies on “A Road Trip I Would Love to Take”

I’d do it for sure! Those are good rules too, esp about finding a hotel by 3 🙂 Some memorable drives have been the ones where we got off the interstate and traveled down smaller back country roads.

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