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Ski Patrol (The Movie)

What makes you laugh?

I’ve been trying to relate the daily bloganuary prompts to the overall theme of my blog, but today’s prompt (What makes you laugh?) had a me a bit stumped for a while. Then, I remembered something that made me laugh about skiing when I was younger.

In 1990, the movie, ‘Ski Patrol’ came out and my brother and I loved it. It was funny, cheesy and reminded us of skiing. We would watch it often and laugh our way through the whole thing, even though we knew all the lines. Often, my brother would get stuck in fits of laughter because he knew what was coming and his laughter was contagious. Just thinking of the movie now makes me smile.

Do you have a movie from your childhood that still makes you laugh, even if you don’t really find it as funny now?

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