Finding Adventure

Happy New Year: 2023

This year, I’m going to find adventure and I want you to join me.

Don’t worry, nothing too ambitious, just a series of small adventures every week. 

What Do I Mean By Adventure?

According to, ‘adventure’ is an exciting or very unusual experience (noun) or to risk or take a chance (verb).

Ad-ven-ture (noun): an exciting or very unusual experience

Ad-ven-ture (verb): to risk or hazard; to take a chance

By that definition, an adventure doesn’t have to be an epic, life-changing experience that requires heaps of planning and a lot of time off work; it can be a short activity on the weekend or one night after work.  An adventure could be taking a chance by trying a new activity with the risk that you might fail.  An exciting or unusual experience might be an afternoon hike in a new location when you spend the majority of your time inside at a desk.  

Adventure is all around you if you look for it.

Why Adventure?

The older we get, our lives become more routine, which makes it easy to go through life by habit and miss some of the exciting things happening around us.  It becomes harder to note the passage of time.  The past few years, working from home, border closures, and lockdowns have stripped away even more of the events that we look forward to and use to mark the different seasons in our lives. 

Adventures shake us out of the routine; they encourage us to see our surroundings with fresh eyes.  Regularly trying an unusual activity or taking a small risk can help build our comfort level with being uncomfortable, which in turn helps us weather uncertain times.

To me, having adventures is how I live my life to its fullest.  Ultimately, that is my resolution for 2023.

Finding Adventure in 2023

This year, I plan to find and do one new adventure each week.  This goal is both a little overwhelming and exciting. 

It’s overwhelming because that is 52 new adventures and taken together that feels like a big goal with a lot of planning.  But, like all goals, it will be easier to tackle one small bit (or week) at a time.

It is exciting because by planning something new each week, it creates something to look forward to which can help break up the routine.  These small adventures also create an opportunity to learn new things about Adelaide and South Australia (or your own hometown) by deliberately looking for exciting or unusual experiences to try on a weekend.  And, by testing us, adventures also create opportunities to learn more about ourselves.

So, please join me in finding adventure in 2023. 

To start, I will be trying something new – a weekly newsletter.  This brief newsletter will be dedicated to the idea of finding adventure and how to add it into our lives, along with a short update of that week’s adventure (to keep me accountable).  More in-depth posts on the adventures may (or may not) appear as blog posts on my website at another time. 

You can sign up to the newsletter via the form below.  You can also join me on the dedicated Finding Adventure page of this website.  Please tell me how you add adventure to your life and what plans you have to include them in 2023.

I look forward to finding some awesome adventures big and small with you this year!

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