A Lifetime of Writing

I have been a writer for as long as I can remember, which is at least as far back as kindergarten when I entered my first Illinois Young Authors’ Contest*. My first story was, rather fittingly, about our family’s ski trip earlier in the year. On the pages of the short non-fiction story (which I’m…

Happy New Year: 2022

Finally, 2022 has arrived! I spent the last two months of 2021 powering through a mountain of work and other responsibilities that left little energy for writing at the end of the day, and the final few days in a remote part of South Australia enjoying a much needed break from deadlines and the daily…

2020 and the Battle for Motivation

I’ve been finding it really hard to find the motivation to write lately.  While I love sharing interesting experiences in South Australia (and there’s certainly no shortage of adventures to write about), it seems that 2020 has finally gotten the better of me. For most of this year, I have managed to stay relatively positive…

My Blogging Adventure

I think that life is made up of a series of adventures; sometimes they are misadventures. Either way, adventures are a way to learn. You pick up new knowledge or skills and hopefully, a really good story.  (In my experience, misadventures are particularly good for a story.) I hope to use this blog to share…

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About Me

Hi, I’m Ashley. I’m an American-born ex-ski bum who lives in Adelaide, Australia – a place that gets no snow. I was working at a Colorado ski resort when I fell in love with an Aussie boy, and I have since fallen in love with his hometown.

I explore my wonderful adopted home of South Australia while we plan our next amazing ski trip.

Read about my latest adventure:

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