Other Adventures

Life is more interesting with a little adventure!

Adventure can be found anywhere! Sometimes it can be hard to recognise and sometimes it is better described as a misadventure, but adventures are the stories we remember and that add texture to our lives. This blog is about adventures in South Australia and skiing, but other adventures still happen and I often find that my interests in travel, running and writing get combined with my pursuit to chase snow and explore SA.


I have always loved to travel and have been very fortunate to have travelled to 35 countries (and counting). Travel is a great way to learn more about the world and yourself, and is full of never ending adventure. We usually try to include some sightseeing and travel as part of our overseas ski trips. Planning a trip around skiing is a great way to help you choose where to go next, and skiing is a great common point of interest when making friends in a new place. The culture around ski resorts is similar yet still different in each country.


I have been a runner since 1993 and after skiing, running has probably had the biggest influence on my life. Running helps me focus on my goals and keeps me fit so that I can conquer the ski hill. I take part in several running events throughout the Adelaide area, and when possible, we make a weekend trip out of a running event. I occasionally write about running when it intersects with South Australia, skiing or travel.


In many ways this blog is an adventure. It has helped me rediscover my love of writing, which I have done from a very young age. Writing is also a good way to preserve my adventures.

Posts about my Other Adventures


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