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Finding Adventure

Radical Reels Tour Every year, during Australia’s spring, the Radical Reels Tour makes its way around the country, bringing mountains, rivers, and forests into the cities via a series of short, action-packed outdoor adventure films.  The films are chosen from the 300 plus entries to the annual Banff Mountain Film Festival run out of The […]

South Australia Regional SA

Relaxing on River Time – Houseboating on the Murray River

A sense of calm comes over me as I lean back in the chair, having given the large wheel a slight nudge to the left.  My feet and beer up on the dash, I gaze at trees on the riverbank as they slowly slide past.  With nowhere specific to be for four days, we glide […]

Adelaide South Australia

10 Things I Plan To Do in Adelaide After the Pandemic

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the routine of the day-to-day. We get blinders on – focused on work and chores around the house – and forget to pay attention to the interesting things there are to do where we live. Until something, like, say a pandemic, forces you out of your routine […]