Finding Confidence on the Ski Slopes

Do you have an activity that makes you feel alive and reminds you how to be comfortable in your own skin? That is how I feel about skiing.   After two years away from the snow – it took a global pandemic and its lockdowns to keep me away) – I had nearly forgotten the feeling […]

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Ski Trip 2022, Part 1: Colorado

What activity always brings your family together?  For mine, it is skiing.  Regardless of our varying abilities, we all enjoy the mountains, find places to ski together and have fun talking about our day later.  Skiing with my family has been a constant throughout my life, which is why it was an obvious activity to […]

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Ski Trip 2021 – The Final Update

Sometimes, life forces you to be a little creative. 2021 Ski Trip Plans, a Recap In the middle of 2021, and at the start of the southern hemisphere ski season, we were forced to cancel two ski trips because of COVID-19 border closures and restrictions. As winter continued, it became clear that the state borders […]

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My First Pair of Skis

What was your favorite toy as a child? I had plenty of toys as a kid, but I still remember being really excited the year my brother and I were each given our first pair of skis and ski boots. I think I was about ten years old. I didn’t know anyone else in the […]

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Update: Ski Trip 2021

It’s amazing how much can change in the space of two weeks, and at the same time how little can change in a year. Since I first wrote about planning for this year’s ski trip, just two weeks ago, South Australia joined Victoria in a hard lockdown and then both states came out of their […]