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A Road Trip I Would Love to Take

America and Australia are excellent road trip countries. America has its interstates and iconic routes like Route 66 that pass through middle-America towns, both beloved and forgotten, and past famous landmarks. Australia has wide-open expanses of country, stunning coastlines and roads that take drivers through small country towns and their bakeries. Growing up in America […]

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Finding Adventure

Radical Reels Tour Every year, during Australia’s spring, the Radical Reels Tour makes its way around the country, bringing mountains, rivers, and forests into the cities via a series of short, action-packed outdoor adventure films.  The films are chosen from the 300 plus entries to the annual Banff Mountain Film Festival run out of The […]


My Blogging Adventure

I think that life is made up of a series of adventures; sometimes they are misadventures. Either way, adventures are a way to learn. You pick up new knowledge or skills and hopefully, a really good story.  (In my experience, misadventures are particularly good for a story.) I hope to use this blog to share […]